дракон викинг

The "Dragon" or "Stave Church Style" of carving is perhaps Norway's greatest contribution to the carving world.

Found primarily on the magnificent wooden churches built between 10, Dragon Style carving encompasses a number of stylistic variations.

In this course you will complete a Dragon Style relief carving in Urnes Style, which is a reproduction of an actual panel found in the Urnes church.

First, you are introduced to basic relief carving tools and techniques.

Then with a provided practice blank you gain the basic skills needed for the class project.

You will then choose a project from among several Urnes Style patterns.

Sessions on tool selection and sharpening and finishing techniques are included.

Once you’ve solved the mysteries in Sniflheim, head to the Item shop and go upstairs to find a man looking for some help.

He needs you to track down the Viking who was to arrive here with a gift for the Queen.

Make your way to the Salty Stallion and sail around the corner to the Viking Hideout (or Zoom there if you’ve been there before).

Head into the main room and speak to the man with a blue waistcoat to discover that it’s his brother who was to deliver the gift but he’s gone missing to the north.

Return to the Salty Stallion and sail to the northern most Insula Isle, Borealis (north of Yggdrasil on the World Map).