dragon mystery

The "Devil's Sea" and the Dragon's Triangle located in the Philippine Sea off China's eastern coast is known for vanishing ships and seamen similar to the legendary Bermuda Triangle.

While sensational theories for the mysterious disappearances speak of extraterrestrials and lost kingdoms under the sea wreaking havoc, others believe that the region displays the same magnetic anomalies as the Bermuda Triangle. Do you think UFOs time travel through wormholes in the time/space continuem? The Dragon's Triangle on the opposite spot of the earth as the Bermuda Traingle.

The area, which can be marked off on a map by connecting Japan, Taiwan, and Yap Island, has become known as the Dragon's Triangle after a centuries-old Chinese myth. I wish to explore some more questions but would love a response first. Let me know of your thoughts on the statements and questions. My boyfriend and I were just discussing this exact thing. Ancient cultures intellegence must have had some help, right? Considering the unique history of both regions it can't be coincedence.

According to the myth, dragons live deep beneath the surface and their movement can suddenly churn up waves, whirlpools, thick fog, and sudden storms. The only other places on earth that are in exact opposite locations are the Poles.

In 1950, Japanese officials declared the triangle a danger zone for shipping. 5, sent by the Japanese government to investigate the troubled waters, vanished without a trace, and 22 crewmen and nine scientists were lost. Is it not possible that at one time the two triangles were former poles?

Like the Bermuda Triangle, the Devil's Triangle area may be volatile, subject to sudden weather changes and ocean swells not yet understood. What if strange and unknown magnetic and gravitic forces are at work in these triangles?

Undersea volcanoes are believed to influence the area's sudden environmental changes. Could it be that these were poles at one time but were suddenly shifted? I suggest the comet that killed the dinosaurs hit hard enough to shift the poles.

Others cite mikakunin hiko-buttai, Japanese for UFOs. If so then it is possible that some kind of unknown effects of gravity and magnetism are going on. It'd be interesting to see if one could mathematically plot the course of the pole shift, factoring in the location of the comet's crater. Most scientist think that we evolved from the sea and one day just walked on to land.

In time they will dissipate and eventually the triangles will become mundane areas of the oceans. It would even suggest which direction the comet came from based on which direction the triangle poles about the ufo that goes under water beacuse it is not right to hear about ufo's going under water is it and the people that does not come up missing but loses time and go off couse how does all that happen I do believe in UFO's, and think that anyone that thinks that we are alone are short sighted and dull. Well what if every creature that evolved at our level didn't leave the sea.

This happened along time ago but in earth's lifespan it was but the blink of an eye. But just stayed in the sea and evolved further than us, remember we had the dark ages up on land where no kind of new technology came about for hundreds of years.

Plus they would have way more resources than we have today, remember the earth is over 70% water.

Its possible they have found a way to live even in the deepest parts of the ocean.