dolphin reef

Dolphin Reef is a horseshoe-shaped sea-pen holding captive bottlenose dolphins in the Gulf of Eilat in the northern-eastern Red Sea near the city of Eilat in southern Israel. The dolphins, known for their curiosity and friendliness, approach the observation posts and floating piers, and swim alongside the people who snorkel and dive there.

The site is home to Black Sea bottlenose dolphins that are not trained to perform and there are no dolphin shows, but they are able to interact freely with human visitors.

The eastern side has a steeply sloping wall profile, giving way to a sandy slope. Angelfish, butterflyfish, cuttlefish, bluespotted and blackspotted stingrays are common.

The Dolphin Reef Dive Center offers individual and group diving tours, as well as special therapy sessions for the disabled and seminars on animal and dolphin behavior.

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