doctor crazy

It’s never fun to see a doctor, at least for the majority of people.

I know a lot of people who refuse to go see a doctor even when they’re told that they should because they think that they might actually be carrying a deadly virus but it’s better not facing it at all.

It’s like “I’ll die when I die.”For them, on the other hand, the source of stress is nothing but you, people who go and create trouble in their offices, not taking your medication, not taking medical staff seriously, etc.

Buzzfeed made a list of the things patients do that drive their doctors crazy.

Here are those 22 guaranteed ways of annoying the hell out of your doctor…

It was primarily Mary Shelley’s cult classic novel Frankenstein that inspired the creators of this black theatre project, which premiered on April 4th, 2006 at the Palace Theatre.

However, alongside doctor Frankenstein, it features many other well-known characters from the world of detective and horror stories. Frankenstein, a slightly absent-minded and loony scientist, is obsessed with the idea of creating an artificial man.

To help bring about his plan, he seeks the cooperation of great figures from detective and horror stories.

Among those reawakened to life: the Invisible Man, Sherlock Holmes, the Hound of the Baskervilles, Dracula…

You will experience unexpected adventures alongside the protagonist in his quest across Europe.

You will find yourself in the depths of the ocean among dancing jellyfish, see the Eiffel Tower come to life in Paris, meet merry mountain men yodelling in their typical Tyrolean folk costumes while crossing the Alps, and Vienna will live up to its reputation as the capital of waltz.

In mysterious Transylvania, below Count Dracula’s castle, a gypsy woman is telling fortunes… Embark on a romantic journey to fulfil the dream of an absent-minded professor who will gain your sympathies by his kind-hearted humour.