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It should go without saying that Las Vegas is THE place to visit for fun and feast of most any kind at any time.

From overnight cafes to late night pizza parlors, family restaurants, lounges, and more, there is no limit on exactly how, when, and where you could get a good meal in the city that never sleeps.

The very fact that you could enjoy several world-class dining experiences in the same city from morning to midnight makes Las Vegas a truly unique and special place for food lovers. And what kind of experience can be gained for those in search of great meals and memories?

Kind visit us uk What about the places in town that are known for both food and fun? To help provide some insight into dining options that offer both, here is a list of 16 crazy fun restaurants to visit in Las Vegas.

If you are looking for an opportunity to get served and spanked by your waitress, then look no further than the Heart Attack Grill.

Created by former fitness expert Jon Basso, the Heart Attack Grill was designed to allow diners to feast on very unhealthy food with some brutally honest titles.

Such menu items include Flatliner Fries (deep fried in lard), Butterfat Shakes, and burgers ranging in size from single to quadruple beef patties.

Anyone who fails to finish their meal will incur the wrath of a “nurse” who will happily administer a butt-whack attack (spanking) to the guilty guest.

Open to customers of all ages, the Heart Attack Grill Smokers is a great spot to visit for that once-in-a-lifetime dining experience—which may very well become the case for repeat customers!

When you think of the Las Vegas climate, lush and tropical probably aren’t the first thoughts that come to mind.

But if you took a trip down the strip near Planet Hollywood, then you’d find a good crossover between a rainforest and a restaurant: the Rainforest Cafe.

Launched in the early 1990s, Rainforest Cafe grew from one location to 25 worldwide today.