crazy monkey studios

This game is excellent, even better than the first one on every point BUT I don't understand and I'm very disappointed to not seeing local Pv P return...

Crazy Monkey Studios recently started the production of a game based on a prototype by Preview Labs.

The game, still unannounced, is mentioned as ‘Undisclosed color puzzle game’ on our projects page and is being developed for the i Phone platform.

Steven Verbeek, Director and Founder of Crazy Monkey Studios stated: We’ve successfully used the prototype to pitch the project to publishers at the Gamescom event.

Now that we know there’s enough publisher interest, we started the development.

The prototype was made in no time and made it really easy to make the publishers realize the coolness of our game concept.

In the previous article we talked with Karel Crombecq from Sileni Studios.

In this article we will be talking with Benjamin Claeys from Claeys Brothers Arts.

Benjamin is one half of the company duo who are working together with Crazy Monkey Studios in Kontich on the game ‘Guns, Gore & Cannoli’. Could you tell us a bit about the history of the team?

Benjamin Claeys Benjamin: So the team working on Guns, Gore & Cannoli consists of two parts.

There is Crazy Monkey Studios which was founded by Steven Verbeek and has been making mostly mobile games up till now.

And we have the Claeys Brothers Arts which consists of me and my brother, we have been doing art and animation for a variety of different projects.