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Č̣əlada), sometimes called the bleeding-heart monkey or the gelada "baboon", is a species of Old World monkey found only in the Ethiopian Highlands, with large populations in the Semien Mountains.

Geladas are actually not baboons (baboons are all taxonomic members of the genus Papio) but the only living members of the genus Theropithecus.

Theropithecus is derived from the Greek root words for "beast-ape".

Theropithecus, while restricted at present to Ethiopia, is also known from fossil specimens found in Africa and the Mediterranean into Asia, including South Africa, Malawi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Algeria, Morocco, Spain, and India, more exactly at Mirzapur, Cueva Victoria, Pirro Nord, Ternifine, Hadar, Turkana, Makapansgat and Swartkrans.

The two subspecies of gelada are: This patch is hourglass-shaped.

On males, it is bright red and surrounded by white hair; on females, it is far less pronounced.

However, when in estrus, the female's patch will brighten, and a "necklace" of fluid-filled blisters forms on the patch.

This is thought to be analogous to the swollen buttocks common to most baboons experiencing estrus.

In addition, females have knobs of skin around their patches.

Geladas also have well developed ischial callosities.

The gelada has several adaptations for its terrestrial and graminivorous (grass-eating) lifestyle.

It has small, sturdy fingers adapted for pulling grass and narrow, small incisors adapted for chewing it.