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Every blogger who writes about saving money, eating healthy or just plain cooking tasty meals tells their readers to choose fruits and vegetables that are in season.

I've had just one problem: I don't know what's 'in season.' I vaguely know that apples are harvested in the fall, and I know that my third grade class picked pumpkins the week before Halloween. (See also: How to Choose Fruits & Vegetables) I've been searching for a simple page that I could add to my shopping list or something equally convenient.

Even asking around the local farmer's market gave me only a general idea.

After some online research, though, I've got something of a list to go by. — I'm not sure about warmer climates, but I would guess it's basically reversed for the Southern Hemisphere.

Keep in mind that depending on your part of the world, this list may not hold true. Knowing which fruits and vegetables are in season gives you a clue as to what produce is likely to be on sale at given times in the year.

At the very least, it can help you plan your shopping list — and skip the expensive, out of season items.

It can give you ideas for menu planning, as well; there's a reason that holiday favorites are popular at certain times of the year.

(See also: Best Credit Cards for Groceries) Bananas, potatoes, and celery seem to always be in season.

For bananas, at least, I think it's because they have to be shipped into just about everywhere. I didn't find a clear season for carrots, parsnips, and a few other vegetables and fruits.

If you want to go all out on saving money on your food, having an idea of what's in season tells you when to buy produce.

While you can buy out of season produce fresh, it may be worth your while to can or preserve some of your preferred fruits or vegetables during the months that they're cheap.

For anyone trying to buy locally, through farmer's markets or CSAs, having a good idea of seasonal produce is also important. And with certain 'farmers' looking to take advantage of the local trend, you'll be able to do a little due diligence on what you buy.