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A lot of parents think that the last place their picky eater should be is in the kitchen working with food.

They’re tired of the power struggles, the negative attitudes, and maybe even temper tantrums…

From one or the other party in the adult and child sides of the battle.

:/ As it turns out, a cooking class for kids maybe as important as a “how to eat healthy” class for those same kids or a parenting class for parents.

“I enjoy cooking, but not with my kids because it stressed me out.

I’d probably have kept kicking them out of the kitchen until they were 15! “…the 4 year old is my best little “sous chef” yet – he LOVES helping me prep for dinner by cutting up fruits & veggies with a real knife – and I love having REAL help in the kitchen!

“Watching the kids cook on the Kids Cook Real Food videos gave me the courage to get my kids in the kitchen and just START cooking. ” “We are all enjoying the course so much, and I’m getting lots of help with meals now.

One of the standard symptoms of insanity as it is portrayed in television and film media is paranoia accompanied by graphomania, usually expressed by writing on walls, tables, body parts, etc.

It can be the same phrase written dozens of times, or an elaborate theory detailing a supposed conspiracy.

Confessions, mathematical equations, rants, and screeds are also popular.

These can be supplemented with pictures, newspaper articles, official documents, etc.

Usually, a character will find some room in their environment upon which to fully express the terms of their obsession.