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Fortunately, we have Oklahoma and Connecticut to save us; otherwise, the United States wouldn’t even be on the top 10.

It just goes to show that much like many other (sometimes awesome, sometimes tragic) potential addictions, the thrill of gambling is universal worldwide…and so are the people who are happy to take your money in order to give you that thrill. However, the casino is just one of many impressive features of the famous Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.

With that in mind, please visit these amazing places as…responsibly…as possible. To be fair, our smallest casino on the list is still impressive by typical standards at 50,000 sq. The Gold Coast Hotel and Casino features 87,000 sq. of gaming area, exactly one mile west of the Las Vegas Strip, where it caters more to locals than tourists. We’ll give them a pass on the silly name because it’s old school.

Fun fact: The Gold Coast Hotel and Casino was featured in the 1996 film “Mars Attacks! ” Resorts Casino Hotel is, as the name implies, a resort consisting of a 100,000 sq. This was the first legal casino in the US outside of Nevada when it opened in 1978.

While “Resorts” below is no slouch, it’s safe to say that the Wynn Las Vegas is the first true, modern, mega-casino on our list.

Built in 2005, directly on the strip in Paradise, NV, the Wynn features 111,000 sq. of gaming space, is named one of the Top Hotels in the World by Condé Nast Traveler, and features its own Ferrari-Maserati dealership.

) the Vegas Strip, Rio nonetheless developed a major tourist reputation.

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