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There are two memorials in Yeronga Park (Brisbane, Australia) in honour of local soldiers who gave their lives during the Great War.

They were constructed between 19 and funded by public subscription.

One is "Honour Avenue" - a memorial to the soldiers from the Stephens Shire which began in 1917 as a row of 96 alternating weeping fig and flame trees that lined the newly-created avenue through the park.

The second memorial is a concrete cenotaph, with the names of the 97 fallen inscribed on marble tablets.

There is also a cenotaph garden and two sets of memorial gates.

This webpage is a history of the memorials and contains the names and details of the men along with some photos of the memorial plaques and the trees.

By Dr Richard Walding - Research Fellow, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia The Cenotaph pavilion stands 13 m (44 ft) high.

Inside there is a small central stone pillar (the "empty tomb") with a marble 'Entablature' on each side containing the names of 97 fallen soldiers, arranged alphabetically.

There is a sandstone flaming urn on top of the column which replaced a small marble angel smashed in 1940.

The original design had a eight-foot high porcelain crowned female angel with upswept wings and hands in a state of prayer standing on a globe.

This was the design by Sgt Henry Hawyard Priest (9th Bn), winner of the design competition in 1918. Stonadge & Son at a price of £850 ($65000 in present terms).

An amount of £650 had already been collected from the local community.