casino x

Play FREE Slots, Blackjack and Texas Hold'em Poker with thousands of other players online right now! Feedback is extremely nice and always have been to me.

The weekly wins are also very difficult and same ppl dominate them each week.

-- Casino X lets you play any of our games at public tables! -- All our games are designed to provide the best experience! This game really is addicting I’m not sure why but it’s truly not fair and I’ve wasted a lot of money and that doesn’t help your odds any at all.

Portrait mode poker makes it easy to play on the go :)" - AK_OFF"The most awesome casino app on the app store! And if you are lucky to be in one of the top parties you can do well but most of the time they are full and you won’t get accepted unless your already rich!!

" - Sally"Best poker client on the i Phone, hands down. Terms of Service: I have been playing for 4yrs off and on and it’s fun to play but depressing when u see the same ppl win the big jackpots over and over.

Feedback and reviews from our users:"Great game, super fun, LOVE the slot machines!!

The developers I wish would try to find a way to make more ppl winners because it’s sad to try so hard and see so many ppl heart broke over this game.

Lately I have noticed a lot of glitching in the reels and the app wasn’t responding.

They said it didn’t effect my chips but I know I was losing wether it did or not was irrelevant becus I still went broke way to fast for the money I put into it !

Jackpots always get extremely high during big sales !

It’s ironic tho they say they don’t control the slots..

Среди игр компании Microgaming, всегда пользующихся повышенным спросом по всему миру, зеркало официального сайта casino x является одним из самых необычных заведений Рунета.