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International Game Technology’s Wheel of Fortune slot machines have been player favorites ever since the first three-reel version launched in 1996.

Not a year goes by without new variations on the theme as IGT extends the brand with games based on the ever-popular “Wheel of Fortune” television game show.

The latest is Wheel of Fortune 4D featuring Vanna White, a 75-payline video slot on IGT’s new Crystal Curve True 4D gaming machine.

The fourth dimension in “True 4D” is touch..more The Law of the Right Place to Play With hundreds of casinos, racetracks and card rooms all around the country and the world, it’s important to play where it’s best for you.

For example, in one casino in Nevada they have three different playing rules for blackjack; they have rules for single deck which are different then the double deck game and still another set of rules for the six-deck shoe.

Some are good rules for the player, like doubling down after splits, while others are not so good, letting you double down only on the 10 and 11.

Throughout most large casinos you’ll find some video poker machines, like 9/6 Jacks or Better, which are more favorable to players, and others like 7/4 Jacks or Better, which should be avoided.

A good horse handicapper might only bet two out of 10 races on any given day because some of the races are too close to call.

Some casinos have single zero roulette wheels while others use the zero and double zero ones, you would want to avoid the latter.

The same is true for craps..more Super Bowl LIII is just two days away from taking place in Atlanta.