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The Star Entertainment Group (formerly known as Echo Entertainment Group) offers a variety of leisure and entertainment experiences including gambling, for the enjoyment of our guests.

Providing a safe and responsible entertainment environment is fundamental platform for our business.

The company's focus on responsible gambling includes participation in and funding of comprehensive programs, working with community groups as an industry leader and being actively involved in research projects.

Responsible Gambling is the provision of safe, socially responsible and supportive gambling environments where the potential for harm associated with gambling is minimised and people can make informed decisions about their participation in gambling.

It occurs as a result of the collective actions and shared ownership of individuals, communities, the gambling industry and government.

The Star Entertainment Group is committed to the provision of responsible gambling by providing information so our guests are able to make informed decisions about their participation in gambling.

The Star Entertainment Group casinos meet the requirements of and the spirit of our responsible gambling codes of practice in both jurisdictions in which we operate through our gambling codes.

Problem gambling is characterised by difficulties in limiting money and/or time spent on gambling which leads to adverse consequences for the gambler, others or for the community.

Possible problem gambling risk indicators may include a cluster of three or more of the following observed or reported signs: The Star Entertainment Group offers a pre-commitment program called Star Assist.

This program offers Members of The Star Club the option to set a limit on usage time and/or gaming spend.

To find out more refer to the Star Assist Brochure located throughout our three properties. Please visit The Star Club Desk for assistance from our on-property team if you have any questions.

Star Assist Brochure All our casinos have trained customer liaison representatives who can provide information or referrals to assist our guests who may be experiencing gambling related problems.