casino russia

"Crystal" today is largest, perfectly technically equipped complex not only in Moscow and Russia and also in Eastern Europe.

Casino consists of four game halls, nightclub, three restaurant and bars.

American roulette game, Black Jack, Poker, Baccarat, Crystal Craps and other games.

Any visitor have a choice to visit according to his taste everything from a general hall to VIP-hall, Private-hall or Private-saloon.

The drinks and taxi are given to the players at the expense of a casino.

Metelitsa The Metelitsa casino is one of the most luxurious gaming establishments in Moscow.

It stands out from many others, with its chic furnishings, magnificent services, pleasant music and diversity of games which help create the specific air of the most stylish entertainment centre of Moscow.

In addition the Metelitsa holds daily and weekly Tournaments on Blackjack, Oasis Stud Poker, Texas Hold'Em Poker and American Roulette.

Russian authorities have discovered an underground casino operating on the grounds of the North Korean embassy, according to local news agency TASS.

The casino was one of 15 illegal gambling operations shut down in Moscow last week during following extensive investigation from the city’s Investigative Committee.

“A total of fifteen gambling joints and casinos were closed down in Moscow early last week.

One of them was in a building on the premises of the North Korean embassy,” TASS quoted a source as saying.