casino rich

If you were a slot game loving skunk then you’d want to be “Stinkin Rich” – which is exactly what you can be in this fun online slot game from IGT Gaming.

Win prizes by learning how to rob some of the obscenely rich characters in the game, whilst you can also play great bonus games including Skunk Wilds, Scattered Skunks, the Keys To Riches Bonus and the Trash For Cash Bonus.

With 30 different line and bet-value combinations this is also a slot game that can be enjoyed by slot players of a variety of levels – whilst high-rollers will love the chance to play 1,000 coins a spin in a bid to get Stinking Rich!

When you look at the background of gold coins and jewels piled to the ceiling – you’ll understand why the Skunk’s feeling so funky.

Wealth is also dripping off all the game’s characters including a rich older couple and an attractive younger couple.

We’re not sure which smells worse, the smell of old-money or the smell of some seriously pungent items that skunk is using to throw the rich people he’s robbed off his scent – but don’t worry as you’ll win prizes for finding all of it.

You can win up to 250 coins for finding stinky sneakers, foul-smelling fish, or cheese that will make you chunder, whilst you can win up to 300 coins for finding garlic or seriously stinky rotten eggs.

There are much prizes waiting to be won for finding the game’s rich characters with a top paytable prize of 10,000 coins for finding the rich old lady with the Mink neck-warmer.

Skunks love to go Wild, and when they do they can substitute for all the game’s base symbols to award prizes.

They also appear scattered, and when they do they have the power to multiply your Total-Bet by up to 100 times.

Also keep an eye out, if they’re not watering from the stench, for the Key To Riches symbols as 3 of these on reels 1, 2 and 3 will trigger 5 free spins per triggering line.

There are also Trash For Cash symbols to find, and when these appear simultaneously on reels 3, 4 and 5 they will trigger a prize of between 6x and 40x your Total-Bet.