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Redfish Bluefish was founded by Claire and Mike Emmett.

Our team of great people includes photographers, designers, programmers, printers, and marketers.

All of us love to communicate, and all of us have years of experience in our chosen field.

When you engage us on a job, you’ll meet all the people whose hands will touch the job.

We don’t hide behind account managers or the receptionist. When design is good, it can tell a complete story for you with a single, simple form, or a couple of well-chosen words.

Claire Emmett: Art director, visual communicator, designer, and company founder. email: claire@au phone: 03 5962 6166 mobile: 0414 420 056 Mike Emmett: Business development, photographer, the guy who knows about the internet, and company founder. email: mike@au phone: 03 5962 6166 mobile: 0418 990 813 Bec Smith: Junior Designer, photographer. When its bad, it will still tell a complete story, just not the one which was intended!

Super-hero name: Food Queen of the North email: bec@au phone: 03 5962 6166 Our key contractors: Dan Hickingbotham, Alined: Web guru, designer, Mr Word Press. We also love talking design with people, solving problems, and having new ideas together.

Steve Miles, Little Black Bird: Designer, Mr Nice Guy (except for that one time). Our favourite client reaction is “Wow, that’s not what I expected – its so much better!

” We shoot for this every time we take on a job, big or small.

We also love a productive, dynamic client relationship.

Many of our clients have been with us since we started, and we’ve grown up together.

New designs for new directions have come and gone, and we love that.