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Alot Games provides turnkey online casino business.

You acquire the software of an online casino, which includes everything you need to start your activity in the gambling business and launch it into operation.

The finished casino will be placed on a special server, have a basic set of games, which is selected according to your tariff, your own site where your customers will register and play.

Of course, no one and nothing can prevent you from developing a casino script from scratch and putting it into operation.

However, for most businessmen, this decision is too rash.

If you plan to create a casino yourself, you need to: – to invest a lot in acquiring a business license; – spend a lot of time trying to find the professional developers of the script you need; – be ready for the long-term promotion of the newly created game resource; – from scratch to develop an effective marketing strategy; – organize the work of customer feedback service; – invest in advertising to make your online casino brand popular in the gambler environment.

If you acquire a ready-made business, the casino will start to bring you profit immediately, as it already has, a name, a popular brand, support chats and all that is required for the successful launch of any project in the world of gambling.

As practice shows, promotion of an online casino from scratch requires significant investments – at least 15 thousand US dollars.

And this is at a time when our company is ready to sell you a ready-made software online casino for only 250-1000 dollars, depending on the package that you choose.

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