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If you are like many adults around the world, you enjoy placing a bet at least occasionally.

According to various studies, more than 80 percent of adults in Australia gamble, and the average Australian spends more on gambling than adults living in any other country.

Almost 75 percent of adults in the United Kingdom gamble every so often.

Approximately 85 percent of American adults have placed at least one wager over the course of their lives, with 80 percent of them having made a bet during the past twelve months.

When people visit a casino, they play their favorite games.

If you look at any list of the most popular casino games, you’ll likely find poker at, or near the top, of the list.

Poker was always popular as an underground game of sorts since it was introduced in America, but for generations the population at large frowned upon the game.

Many people were slow to embrace poker because of the game’s long-standing association with violence.

The legend of the western folk hero, lawmaker and gunfighter, Wild Bill Hickok, provides a good example of the unfortunate and often misleading association.

John Mc Call was drinking at a local saloon in Deadwood, Dakota Territory on August 1, 1876 when he took a recently vacated seat at a poker game that included Hickok.

It did not take long for the drunken Mc Call to lose all of his money.

Hickok offered Mc Call some money, so he would be able to buy breakfast the next day, which Mc Call accepted.