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Vision Therapy is an individualized, supervised, treatment program designed to correct visual-motor and/or perceptual-cognitive deficiencies.

Vision Therapy sessions include procedures designed to enhance the brain’s ability to control: Visual-motor skills and endurance are developed through the use of specialized computer and optical devices, including therapeutic lenses, prisms, and filters.

During the final stages of therapy, the patient’s newly acquired visual skills are reinforced and made automatic through repetition and by integration with motor and cognitive skills.

Vision therapy can be used for a variety of conditions including but not limited to learning-related vision problems, poor binocular coordination, strabismus, amblyopia, stress-induces visual difficulties, vision difficulties as a result of a stroke or brain injury or to enhance visual skills needed for sports.

This page lists all skins that were ever for sale in the Item Shop.

For a list of ALL Fortnite Battle Royale Skins including from the Battle Pass and other sources, see: ALL SKINS.

For skins you can obtain from the Battle Pass in the current season (Season 7), see: Season 7 Battle Pass Rewards.

The Item Shop is a store to purchase cosmetics in Fortnite Battle Royale. u The Item Shop includes various outfits, gliders, harvesting tools, and emotes. Items are generally priced according to their rarity: Uncommon, Rare, Epic, or Legendary.

Some items are daily or weekly or otherwise available for a limited time only, and may be removed from the cash store after a certain time has passed.

You can equip the items in the "Locker" menu by selecting the slot the item is in and double-clicking it.

In economics, cash is money in the physical form of currency, such as banknotes and coins.

In bookkeeping and finance, cash is current assets comprising currency or currency equivalents that can be accessed immediately or near-immediately (as in the case of money market accounts).