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AC3 42,954.93ACC 0.00ADL 1,565.79ANGEL 335,666.12BEN 481,675.98BTK 391,936.68BTW 392,316.38CL 9,786.18CLX 4,277,540.12CS 40,549.71DAR 1,404.97ECHT 0.00ETP 0.00EUR 2,965.82GENE 244,654.60HB 1,404.97IQN 107.65LUNES 14,679,276.25NSR 97,861.84PIX 1,404.97PLAN 21,040.30PTT 4,286,563.96RUB 241,293.66SKY 204,099.90SUN 195,723.68TAXI 9,786,184.16TIG 29,358.55TRF 8,699.92USD 3,446.88VGW 204,099.90WAND 1,404.97XDCE 7,143.91XTV 204,099.90ZDC 97,861,840.66ZGC 1,404.97 XTV is available to trade!

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The inception of the Pink Taxi idea goes back to 2006.

Since then the idea has received recognition, as well as appreciation from all the schools of though...

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So far still following that blue line of mine in the bigger picture but things are starting to look more bearish than a few days ago. Making one ABC' after the other and as we can see, the channels are shifting more downwards as well.

This is not a pattern i have much experience with, but the first obvious thought ...

I am looking at Bitcoin and you know we have an active LONG trade. Ongoing ideas of mine are beginning to show something extraordinary. (That may not be a big deal to most as most of the top traders IMO use log.) We are creating bullish patterns within bullish patterns within resistance breaks.

You can see it here, this is for 100% ROE (profits potential): I am showcasing one of my best supporters indicators which clearly spotted Bitcoin's bottom marked green; "Rise incoming". Another week passes and the crypto space is about as lame an 80's chick flick. It looks to me like we are in the midst of testing just how bullish we ...

There is not much going on which is leading to many simply throwing in the towel out of frustration at this point. If we are going to see another correction then one more drop and then again look for impulse from new low and go long. I have been working on fund management commitments and any fund manager on this site knows that January is the busiest for a fund manager and I think I've been around the more times than you've had breakfasts this last month so I apologize for not finding time to update you guys! Disclaimer: If you are primarily interested in copying other people’s trades then this is not for you.

It is difficult to post a daily article on Bitcoin' as pretty much the past few weeks nothing has changed. If price keeps falling slowly then it will change the pattern but we will remain bullish on BTCUSD for longer term. However, if you are willing to put in the work that it takes to learn how to trade for yourself then you have found the right place!