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Каплуненко Наталия • Отдам мужа, приданое гарантирую.

— The Princess of the Boy High School and the Prince of the Girl High School / Вместо того, чтобы петь песни о любви, подари ее мне!

Russian folk songs lyrics, English translations of Russian songs, Gypsy romances, couplets and lymerics (chastushki), Cossack and Ukrainian traditional songs, and Russian dances from the repertoire of Russian music and dance ensemble Barynya (Artistic Director Mikhail Smirnov) based in New York. Listen to music and read lyrics of almost any song for free. The river is moving and (sometimes) not, All made of the moons silver.

If you only knew how dear they are to me, The evenings near Moscow!

Nasha belaya Paranyushka yapomynilasya, Okh-y, nu-ka, nu-ka, nu-ka, da yapomynilasya. may he remember this simple maiden and hear her signing may he save our motherland and love, katyusha will save Not even a whisper is to be heard in the garden, Everything has calmed down until dawn.

Priuda-a-ril Paranyu ab syruyu zemylyu, Okh-y, nu-ka, nu-ka, nu-ka, ab syruyu zemylyu. Oh song, maiden's song Fly towards the clear sun And to the warrior on a far away border Bring katysha's greeting.

Ukhvatily on Paranya paperyoky zhivota, Okh-y, nu-ka, nu-ka, nu-ka, paperyoky zhivota. Stepped out, started a song About one grey steppe eagle About her loved one Whose letters she cherished.

Edee, edee, Paranyushka, edee, dushen'ka maya, Okh-y, nu-ka, nu-ka, nu-ka, edee, dushen'ka maya. Apples and pears were blossomin Mist on the river floating On the bank katyusha stepped out On the high steep bank.

") read more from Zygmunt Frankel's Siberian Diary . Nad vado-a-yu stayaly Paranyushku dazhidaly, Okh-y, nu-ka, nu-ka, nu-ka, Paranyushku dazhidaly. Under the pine, under the green pine, Lay me down to sleep Oh you dear pine, oh you green pine, Don't you rustle so loud over me Beautiful maid, dear maid, please fall in love with me!

" (Literally "seated".) ("Gop so smykom eto budu ya/ Slushaytye vnimatyelno, druzya/ Ryemyeslom ya vybral krazhu/ Iz tyurmy ya nye vylazhu/ I tuyrma skutchayet byez menya./ No v kakoy tyurmye by nye sidyel/ Nye bylo minuty shtob nye pyel/ Zalozhu ya ruki v bryuki/ I khozhu, poyu so skuki/ Shto zhe budyesh dyelat kol zasyel? Da dagadylivai byly, nad vado-a-yu stayaly, Okh-y, nu-ka, nu-ka, nu-ka, nad vado-a-yu stayaly. Juniper, juniper, juniper, my juniper, In the garden there's the berry, my raspberry.

Here is approx translation: Where are you about, my darling old man? In the opening stanza he introduces himself: "Gop So Smykom happens to be me;/ Listen well, friends;/ For my trade I've chosen theft;/ I am hardly ever out of prison/ and when I am, the prison misses me./" And then: "But whatever prison I may be in/ Not a minute passes without me singing/ I stick my hands in my pockets/ And walk around, singing out of boredom/ What else can you do when you've been jailed? Alekse-a-yushka byly da dagadylivai, Okh-y, nu-ka, nu-ka, nu-ka, da dagadylivai. That was more than reminiscence: my life began to talk once more, as did in you that very same charm, as did in my soul that very same love!

This song is a jokouse conversation between grandma and grandfather. - We will make home-made vodka, my darling grandma! Just tonight I stood before the tavern Nothing seemed the way it used to be In the glass I saw a strange reflection Was that lonely woman really me? Through the door there came familiar laughter I saw your face and heard you call my name Oh my friend we're older but no wiser For in our hearts the dreams are still the same My mother wanted me to marry number one Who was unfaithful... My mother wanted me to marry number two Who was sick all the time... My mother wanted me to marry number three Who was like the wind in the field... My mother wanted me to marry number four Who was not dead and not alive... My mother wanted me to marry number five Who was damn drunk... My mother wanted me to marry number six Who was shorty... My mother wanted me to marry number seven Who was fun... In Barnaul I have heard - or rather acquired, because I was good at memorizing songs and poems, and once I learned one by heart it became a cherished part of my private collection - "Gop So Smykom"; literally "Hop With A Violin Bow", an untranslatable slang nickname of a criminal character, roughly "High-Spirited Hop". Chasto po vadu khaditi, k Alekseyu zakhaditi, Okh-y, nu-ka, nu-ka, nu-ka, k Alekseyu zakhaditi. As if we'd been apart for ages I stare at you and think I'm dreaming, and suddenly sounds unsilenced in me could be heard within me, but louder!