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To open an e Saver, you must have a Westpac Choice account, our popular award winning transaction account.

If you already have one, simply link it to the new e Saver in the application If you don't have one, a Choice account will be opened as part of the e Saver application. applies for the first 5 months, on top of the standard variable rate when you are a new Westpac e Saver customer.

After 5 months, the standard variable interest rate, currently 0.50% p.a. Interest is paid on the last business day of each calendar month.

Balances in your account on or after the last business day won't be included in the interest calculation for that month but will be included in the interest calculation for the following month. There are no fees for Online Banking or Automated Telephone Banking transactions between your Westpac e Saver and Westpac accounts held in the same name.

To access your money, we recommend you transfer funds to your Westpac transaction account and then make your withdrawal or payment.

Periodical payments , BPAY® and Pay Anyone cannot be made from e Saver.

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