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In a slot world where games are designed to be entertaining, interactive experiences that keep you coming back for more, bonus events are the centerpieces.

Win or lose, you can have a good time if you get to play the bonus games a few times.

That makes the annual Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas a bonushunter’s dream come true.

The casino execs, suppliers and others who attend can journey from one gamemaker’s booth to another, where new games are set up so the manufacturers can show off unique game features.

A turn of the key or punch of a code by a demonstrator can launch a bonus event for a trial run.

There’s no money involved – no winnings, but no risk, either.

Just a lot of fun sampling the best of what the game has to offer.

Here are a few that caught my eye this fall that you’ll be seeing in the coming months: Incredible Technologies If you’re walking through a slot floor that has Incredible Technologies’ new Infinity Super Skybox cabinet, you can’t miss it.

The recommended configuration is four machines side-by-side.

“The vertical 55-inch monitor [atop each machine] is now linked across four cabinets,” marketing manager Caitlin Harte said.

“That linked screen is equal to a 123-inch monitor.

It’s an economical way for casinos to get a pretty impactful look on the floor.” Naturally enough, IT wanted to use high-impact games to introduce its high-impact cabinet with the linked video screens and new media manager.