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The online slots are designed in a way that always favors the casinos.

While the house edge seems small and is in the region of a couple of percentages, it’s more than enough in the long term.

Unless you get extremely lucky, you will be losing your money slowly.

Does this mean that playing slot games is pointless and you can’t win? It means you have to be smart about it find other ways to get an extra that will make up for the advantage the online casinos have over you.

This article will give you some general advice that could help NZ player drastically improve his chances to win real money by playing slots online.

Picking the Right Casino and the Right Game One of the most important things is to find a respected casino for a number of reasons.

For a start, the operator must have the proper license to offer online gambling to NZ players.

If that’s not the case, you could easily end up being scammed by some shady operator that never intended to pay.

Another thing you should be looking at is the games offered by the casino.

Most of them will publish an average return to player or RTP.

This number displays how big the average house edge is.

When it comes to slots, in particular, you need to find something in the 96-97% region.