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Blackjack is one of the most prevalent casino games that exists today.

Founded as an offshoot of a Spanish game known as “twenty-one”, blackjack has been around in some form or another since the 17th century.

The rules and gameplay are simple to understand and follow, and that is one of the major reasons behind why blackjack has remained a popular table game for centuries.

Blackjack is orchestrated by a dealer who sits across a table consisting of anywhere from 5 to 7 spots.

With that said, a hand of blackjack is able to be executed with solely the dealer and one player.

Once a player has taken their position at the table they are able to place a wager in whatever denomination they choose.

It must be noted that some tables carry a minimum bet that requires any wager to be no less than a specific amount.

Once players have taken a position and placed their wagers, the dealer deals cards from left to right until everyone has two cards in front of them.

The dealer is also given two cards, however only one of them is visible while the other card, the hole card, is placed face down.

The dealer will only immediately show both cards if the two cards create blackjack.

After everyone has cards in front of them, action ensues from left to right.

Players are now tasked with putting together a hand that is better than that of the dealer’s but also less than a total of 21.