блекджек машина

I am VERY interested in card counting both as a hobby and a potential second income.

I expect the training to take a good few months before I become sufficiently expert and have saved a substantial bankroll.

My problem is that I suspect that more and more casinos will start to use continuous shuffle machines (CSMs), thereby making card counting obsolete and my training and saving all to no avail. First, let’s define a few terms: Any blackjack game with more than 2 decks will be dealt from a shoe.

Shoe games are completely beatable by card counting.

The increased number of decks DOES decrease the advantage of the game, but that is often counterbalanced by other factors like better rules and more tolerance.

The card counting system we teach works for any number of decks dealt…

And the majority of the nearly $4M our teams have won was at 6 and 8 deck games.

A random shuffle machine that takes all the cards (i.e.

All 6 decks or 8 decks) and shuffles them together.

Then the dealer takes the full stack of cards, has a player cut, and puts it into a shoe and deals.

Since the game includes all of the cards, these shuffle machines are great.

They speed up the game and having nothing that a player should fear.