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Put your bravery to the test and let the Valkyries from Norse mythology take you to join the gods in Valhalla in action-packed slot game Valkyrie.

Wealth awaits you through plenty of wilds and bonus features!

Big symbols and shield wilds Valkyrie has big symbols that can take up to 9 regular symbols. Even wilds, which serve to stand in for missing symbols, can appear as these huge symbols!

With 3 or more bonus symbols, you’ll trigger the bonus game: here you’ll get one of 3 bonus features that will add extra wilds.

Swords of Destiny can make entire reels wild, Shield of Chance adds random wilds, and Arrow of Fortune creates big symbols.

Betting strategies Take control of the game and set your own strategies!

Valkyrie allows you to streamline your experience through one of 4 preset betting strategies.

Are you a cautious player, or do you like to take risks?

You choose between Optimiser, which bets a percentage of your balance, Leveller, which raises after 5 losses in a row, Booster, which raises on a loss, or Jumper, which raises every time you win. In slot game Sugar Glider, our furry little friend glides from tree to tree, hunting down tropical fruit for their sugar.

His enemy, the praying mantis, is constantly out to get him.

Can you unlock the full potential of the expanding wilds in this cartoonish slot game?

Flying squirrel versus praying mantis Sugar Glider puts us in the middle of a battle between a flying squirrel and a praying mantis.