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Hollywood stalwart Bruce Cabot's main claim to fame, other than rescuing Fay Wray from Кинг Конг (1933), is that he tested for the lead role of The Ringo Kid in John Ford's Western masterpiece Stagecoach (1939).

John Wayne got the role and became the most durable star in Hollywood history, while ...

[in 1970, about Errol Flynn] He was a better actor than his publicity gave him credit for.

I shared his house, his fights, his liquor and his girls. What happened to him, of course, was that he took to the dope--in fact, he was registered over here in England as an addict--and that destroyed him.

God, if he were alive today do you realize that he would be 61...

A source (Book "Star Stats: Who's Whose in Hollywood" by Kenneth S. Price, Stern, Sloan Publishers, Inc., Los Angeles, 1979, ISBN 0-8431-0498-8) says that he was first married to Grace Mary Mather Smith, an actress, and they had a daughter born in 1929, Jennifer De Bujac. It is possible that Grace Mary Mather Smith is Grace Smith, an actress ...

In my previous post, I outlined the different depictions of casino in popular culture and how they differ from each other, which was a post that I had an absolute blast writing!

And judging by how many views it got, it seems like you guys had a blast reading it too, so…

Let’s keep going into the world of popular culture, shall we?

This time I’m not going to be nearly as detailed, firstly because I don’t really want to write another monstrous post, and second because I want to focus on one particular casino game – namely, blackjack! If you say you don’t like blackjack, you’re either lying or have never tried it, and I’m pretty positive of this when I say this!

I often like to look up the casinos featuring the highest table limits and just compare them, not because I’m a super rich high roller or anything, but because I like the fantasy of being a high-profile blackjack player that sits down at a (virtual) table, bets a few grand and then expertly counts the cards and leaves richer than ever.

It’s a very appealing fantasy that speaks to us on a fundamental level.