bitcoin казино

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Betting 0.0001 Bit Coin or above will prioritize your bet speed.

As your bet amount approaches the minimum bet of the coin, your bet speed will decrease.

Simply stated: the greater amount you gamble, the faster the server will process your result. This game is called Dice, but it is not the typical game of luck and probability using a simple cube with numbered sides.

Instead, it is a crypto-oriented Dice game where you have a greater range and higher fidelity of potential outcomes (0.000-99.999).

Your task is to predict whether the lucky number that the Dice will roll is higher or lower than a certain digit.

If you're new to Dice and have absolutely no clue how to play this game, we explained the basics below. The following is a brief explanation on how to play Dice on Crypto-Games: What is provable fairness and how does it work?

Provable fairness is a technology facilitated by cryptocurrency and blockchain technology that makes it impossible for a player or casino to cheat.

You no longer have to be suspicious of the house for bets lost.

So, whatever game you are playing, you can be confident that the result is fair and accurate given the provable fairness of our gambling platform.

To check each bet, you can click on the Bet ID where you will be given more detailed information for each individual bet.