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Betfair offers you the opportunity to choose between two different affiliate deals.

If you want to promote Betfair from your site or through your social media channels, you can do so by applying for a 25% revenue share deal, or a $5 cost-per-acquisition (CPA) deal that pays you $5 every time you send a bettor to the operator. If you are not sure about what's best for you, here's a quick tip: 1.

The CPA Deal: $5 may not seem a lot of money..it all depends on the traffic you have on your site.

If you usually do not focus too much on sports betting, this is the deal you should go for.

Apply for the CPA programme, write about some sporting events, and tell your visitors that they can actually bet on that for free if they sign up at Betfair and claim the £20 free bet. Bet on something and push them to play against you: this will increase their engagement, and will earn you $5 every time one of them places a bet. The Revenue Share Deal: If you cover sports regularly and you think you can deliver some people who are really into betting - go for this one.

The 25% revenue share deal on tap is a very good one, and it may take only one or two people to earn you a considerable amount of money.

Once your players have created their new Betfair account, as long as they do not reside in Portugal, Bulgaria, India, Belarus, Chile, Croatia, Hungary, Latvia, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine, they are invited to place their first bet on the Betfair sports exchange.

Their first bet of up to £20 is free in that if it loses, Betfair refund the bet amount within 72-hours.

This is a great marketing tool to use to attract new players because it literally a no-lose proposition.

Betfair has 1.7 million active customers and a large percentage of them use the sports exchange to place their bets.

Unlike in a traditional sports betting site where your players are betting against the bookmaker, Betfair sports exchange players are betting against other Betfair players.

This leads to better odds because Betfair takes a small commission from each winning bet rather than stacking the odds in its favour.