бэт нива

Nivå Landskapsarkitektur: Hammarby Gård is located by Hammarby lake and Hammarby canal in Stockholm.

It is one of several construction phases in the large urban development project of Hammarby Sjöstad.

In the northern part of the site, the quay breaks its long shape with a centrally located dock.

The harbor basin is designed as a small marina surrounded by an extensive terrace construction of wood and granite for hangout and recreation. Luminaries are placed in a random composition at the harbor basin wall, creating a characteristic effect.

Directly adjacent to the basin, a small building containing a restaurant with outdoor seating is located.

The urban design is based on the central city’s closed block structure interspersed with Townhouses, grouped around a central elongated park, Hammarbyterrassen.

South of the dock, a central square with a play sculpture is located in the middle of the park.

The park is light and airy; characterized by simplicity and flexibility.

Transverse perforated walls of light concrete and Copper Beach hedges form smaller park spaces between large open lawns for different purposes.

Silver Maples are planted in the periphery of the park’s curvature.

Ornate stainless steel play sculptures and about thirty scattered yellow birdhouses create a playful atmosphere.

The lightning generate atmospheric shadowing of tree branches and random cones on lawn surfaces, as well as supplying the park’s internal walkways and places with general lighting.