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Over and over every 5 seconds there's another report exactly the same way.

I did a whois on 169.2 and get a strange message back also:

Show Details=true&show ARIN=false This is the "link local" block.

It was set aside for this special use in the Standards Track document, RFC 3927 and was further documented in the Best Current Practice RFC 5735, which can be found at: is allocated for communication between hosts on a single link.

Hosts obtain these addresses by auto-configuration, such as when a DHCP server cannot be found.

A router MUST NOT forward a packet with an IPv4 Link-Local source or destination address, irrespective of the router's default route configuration or routes obtained from dynamic routing protocols.

A router which receives a packet with an IPv4 Link-Local source or destination address MUST NOT forward the packet.

This prevents forwarding of packets back onto the network segment from which they originated, or to any other segment.

If a host on a network cannot obtain a network address via DHCP, an address from to may be assigned pseudorandomly.

So it's an interface without connection to the internet. If someone tries to send something to this address, it is called a martian packet. These are packets that Linux does not expect from the direction they came from (i.e.

Packets from internal hosts coming in on the external interface).

The cause is probably a misconfigured machine on your LAN.