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Welcome to Skinfans (fans), here you can unbox v Cases and unlock VGO v Skins. All exchanges take place in the automatic mode via Steam bots. This website is not affiliated with Valve Corporation, PUBG Corporation, Bluehole.

On Skinfans you can find information about all VGO items. Use promo code This site is the most famous by csgo case opening. For all kinds of reliable services the site offers for a very long time, it is one of the top 5 dota2 case opening site! Use promo code v Case is based on the Ethereum blockchain for now, which brings many advantages over traditional case opening sites, mainly transparency.

Also you can find FAQ about VGO and have fun in our chat. However until we migrate to the WAX Blockchain, case openings can take up to two minutes to complete because of the speed of Ethereum blockchain.

The WAX Blockchain will be much faster and will make case openings instant.

You can check the results of all v Case openings because all items generated from v Cases are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each item generated links back to a blockchain transaction for full transparency.

For this reason, VGO items also cannot be duplicated. Since VGO uses blockchain technology, neither Steam or anyone else can shut it down.

If the OPSkins Express Trade website disappeared tomorrow, the data behind the items would still exist and could be rendered with graphics to showcase the unique properties of the items.

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