beetle mania

Despite what the name implies, Beetle Mania should not be confused with the 1960s wave of cult-like enthusiasm for the music of Liverpuddlian rock band ‘The Beatles’.

The only tenuous link we could find is that Beetle Mania the slot game features a series of cutesy creepy crawlies (oddly not including beetles, at least not outside of the Free Spins game mode) that dance and wiggle to a musical beat when appearing on winning lines.

Also, there’s a very small sliver of background image visible above the game reels of some musical instruments and a microphone.

Delving into Beetle Mania’s art assets reveals that the image is supposed to be a full music concert stage, though (again for reasons unknown) you never get to see this in the game.

Despite appearing to be its raison d’être, music actually appears to be a specific weak point for Beetle Mania.

The game features no background sound effects when out of play, only introducing its irritating old school fruit machine reel spin noises during play, abruptly ending the second a no win spin ends.

Winning results in a few more electronic chirps before bursting into a cacophony of ringing shop till bells and metal coins being poured out over a hard surface.

Catchy as that last sound effect might be, it’s in no way evocative of the kind of pop-rock sounds a game with this sort of name-play ought to be employing.

The game display itself also feel pretty hurriedly put together—as we mentioned before, the reels just seem to have been dumped over the background imagery with no attempt to marry the two elements together.

Apart from that, we can see that Beetle Mania’s bold and colourful symbols take clear inspiration from the 1998 Pixar movie ‘A Bug’s Life’.

You’ll see similar (but legally distinct) faces looking up at you across this game’s 5 reels.

There are just 10 winning lines criss-crossing those reels and the maximum win from a line is 500 times your stake.