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Review Summary: Why be the hero in the risky dungeon crawl when you can be the merchant selling him the junk?

Blurb from the publisher: 'Old stories talk about epic adventures of spotless heroes who face indescribable dangers to save the world from the most dreadful of threats, dragons, just using their courage and legendary equipment but no one ever answered the most mysterious of questions: Where the hell did they buy those incredible weapons?

In Dungeon Bazar you are that fabulous merchants who allow heroes to overcome, or at least try to, their trial!

Fill up your shop with objects and convince customers to buy only from you.

And remember that a good merchant cares only about his empty shop and full pockets, not about the success of a strangers challenge.' What you get: Your EUR 34,95 or equivalent will buy you Dungeon Bazaar, a one-hour game for two to five players about equipping adventurers.

The box contains the rulebook in English as well as the following elements: 30 Hero cards, 77 Equipment cards, 5 Spell cards, 5 Merchant tiles, 30 Favour tokens, Coins in five different denominations, Merchant Pawns in five different colours, 21 Goblins in 5 different colours, 5 Exit tokens in five colours, one Babydragon, one Ogre, one Accountant, 9 Dungeon Rooms, one Entrance and a First Player token.

The game is fully language neutral; only pictographs are used.

Gameplay: Players strive to have the most Coins at the end of the game.

Before counting them however, the player who accumulated the highest Favour receives 5 Coins, while the one with the least Favour loses three Coins.

Dungeon Bazar is played in three seasons with six phases each, on a randomly created 3 x 3 Dungeon.

Each room will contain a random, face-down card from each deck (8 decks overalll; seven types plus one Junk deck with two or three cards of each type).

The rooms will also contain one Seasonal Spell which changes every round and the Annual Spell which is present in the Dungeon the whole time.