автомата crazy fruits

Making fruit fun can be tough, especially when there are so many bad goodies available all around us to whet our appetites and make us binge when we shouldn’t. To begin playing you need to determine how many paylines you wish to play – there are 20 in total, but you can start from 1 if you’re not used to the mechanics of slot machines just yet.

Atronic Gaming can help with this problem though as their Crazy Fruits 5-reels slot machine puts the joy back into healthy eating, and we don’t just mean because there’s a cash prize involved. These fruits aren’t the kind you’ll find in your local supermarket though, they’re cheeky and have faces that express a wide array of emotions, which helps give a lot of personality to the game. That being said, if you want maximum returns for what you bet, the more lines you have the better.

Setting your number is easy thanks to the big red button that reads ‘SELECT LINES’.

Beside this is where you’ll choose the bet you wish to play with on each of these lines, making it a super easy to use interface - who knew fruit could be so kind!

The range is from 0.01 to 50.00 credits, making it an accessible title for all to appreciate.

After that’s all decided you’ll be told your stake in each of the playthroughs.

There is an Autoplay feature for those who want to cut out the middle man and go straight in for the kill, sorry, we mean fruit.

Once you’re happy, select the ‘START’ button and the reels will come to life and introduce you to all those freaky looking fruits.

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Okay, lets face it, none of us would want to eat these fruits, so maybe saying this would make healthy eating more fun was a slight lie on our part, but it will change the way you look at fruit. The graphics, as you can clearly see, are simple and very basic with the idea that the focus is on the actual process of playing rather than how it looks.

By Atronic deciding to do this they have created a classic rendition that is rarely seen on slot machines nowadays, and as such accomodate for all the purist users out there.