автомат fruit cocktail

Fruit Cocktail Float is a quick and easy dessert dish that you can whip-up anytime.

It does not involve baking and it is so easy to make.

I recommend this dish for beginners because of its simplicity.

You should be able to make this dish without any issues as long as you follow our step by step recipe.

Fruit cocktail float won’t be complete without canned fruit cocktail.

I have to add Maraschino cherries because I noticed that most brands of canned fruit cocktail do not contain much cherries, contrary to the graphic displayed on the can.

Sometimes, I think that it is deceiving to consumers, but this post is all about the recipe, so I will forget about my whining for now.

Note that I am using “heavy” whipping cream for this recipe.

You will get better results if you follow the exact ingredients listed below.

Regular whipping cream (not heavy) can still be used though, if heavy whipping cream is not available. You will need to crush a piece or two of them though and sprinkle on top later on. If you want this to have the texture of ice cream sandwich, I suggest that you place it in the freezer for 2 to 3 hours before serving.

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