avalon 2

*** Elem Awards Assembly, Fri/18th, - PK-1, - 2-5 *** School Holiday ~ Mon/21st *** David J.

Flood ~ Wed/23rd, 10 a.m., 6-12 Special Presentation *** Thur/24th - Whole School Picture, Kinder Grad and Basketball pics *** 2014 National Blue Ribbon School! We are excited to see the many new faces in our hallways and welcome all of you to our school family.

Our students are off to a great start and the atmosphere is contagious! " - showing pride in who we are as a school and as a school community!

The new year also brings some new ideas and changes such as an advisory period at the middle school and high school and Genius Hour at the elementary.

So many activities are already in the planning stages such as Project Ex TRA beginning its 15th year!

Homecoming is just around the corner and plans for Fall Festival are thriving.

Plans are developing for a sensory sidewalk project and a Kindness rock garden.

Apparition Class Multirole Deep Intrude: "Get In, Get Out, ... " Not just a star ship book, but also a source book on starship stealth.

The book offers common sense, play tested rules to enhance the stealthy starship experience. Bringing a practical consideration of stealth within the Traveller universe, this book provides options for a whole new feel of play.

Ever wonder how detectable a ship is if it goes dark (shut off all power, and drift)?

Did you ever wonder if there was a less costly way to add a stealth coating to a ship?

This book is ideal for any game looking to enhance starship stealth in the Traveller Universe.