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Iconic structures such as these can also function as Red Shirts.

Others are known as hotspots for the scientific community, like Geneva. Occasionally, these landmarks will be visible out of windows or from rooftops where viewing them in real life would be geographically impossible, or in historical settings when they weren't actually built yet.

When these locations are portrayed in a film or TV show, expect numerous, panoramic establishing shots of the landmark in question.

Basil's Cathedral in Moscow (occasionally mistaken for the nearby Kremlin), the Sydney Opera House in Sydney, the Sistine Chapel for Vatican City...

A few of these landmarks, in various locations around the globe, are so well-known by so many people that they've come to function as a sort of visual shorthand for the city, sometimes the , in which they're located to the point where some footage of the landmark in question must be portrayed on the screen, even when that landmark is irrelevant to the plot and nowhere near where the characters are supposed to be. C., Westminster Palace (specifically, its clock tower housing Big Ben) in London, the Taj Mahal in India, St.

If they are ever destroyed, then circumstances have become dire indeed.

Which naturally means that in a disaster movie, the landmark in question will probably be doomed to certain destruction.

The Hollywood sign and the Statue of Liberty are popular targets for CGI catastrophes.

Alternatively, the structure will be one of the few things left intact After the End, either mostly undamaged, to give the characters some kind of hope for the future, or nearly collapsed, as a testament to how much has been lost.

This trope is not simply here to list various landmarks around the world, but rather instances of landmarks in fiction used as a shortcut to showing either where the action occurs or how bad things have gotten.

For instances where entire countries, or more, are represented by the landmarks of only one city, see Britain Is Only London.

Compare Landmarking the Hidden Base, where a major HQ is situated inside or underneath one of these monuments; Rushmore Refacement, where they are deliberately altered; Weaponized Landmark, where they're turned into Weapons Of Mass Destruction; and Monumental Damage, where they are damaged or destroyed, possibly as a result of a Monumental Battle.