amo play

Game Description Everyone has a list of favorite items from the 90s, and Mario Bros. Even if you are too young to know when it appeared and feel nostalgic, you’ll still have much fun with Super Mario Run.

The new Mario This version of the legendary game is a bit easier than the classic version and a bit more exciting at the same time. Run and jump to the end of the level, gathering the coins on your way. Your task is to overcome the obstacles and dangers on the way, mainly lakes and suspicious objects.

For this: jump with a left click; double jump by clicking twice; float in the air by holding left click; avoid razors, strange walking creatures etc; use helpful items - stars, coins, jetpacks, and super-sized mushrooms.

Coins You can just run for your life without collecting anything, but this is not really interesting.

After you complete a level, you receive the money you have collected and can buy awesome outfits for Mario.

Some coins are hiding - destroy the blocks to get them. The wide selection of levels with diverse challenges are going to keep you thrilled.

And a bonus for die hard fans amazing graphics and Mario inspired backgrounds.

Vi har samlet et udpluk af de bedste klassiske opskrifter, og givet dem et twist så de matcher den måde vi bager på i dag.

Prøv selv om ikke en ægte klassiker stadig smager lige så fantastisk som dengang.

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