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SS Admiral was an excursion steamboat operating on the Mississippi River from the Port of St. The ship was briefly re-purposed as an amusement center in 1987, and converted to a casino in 1990.

The boat was dismantled for scrap metal starting in 2011.

With no bridge over the Mississippi River at Vicksburg, Mississippi, the railroads accessed a pair of transfer ships to shuttle railcars across.

Albatross was fitted with rails built onto the deck, allowing railcars to roll onto the ship, ride a short distance aboard the ferry, then roll over to tracks on the opposite shore after the river crossing was completed.

A bridge completed in 1930 rendered the Albatross obsolete for its intended purpose, Streckfus Steamers, a company which ran excursion boats along the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers, acquired the metal-hulled sidewheeler, Albatross, in 1935.

The company refitted the steamer with a five-story, steel superstructure.

The art deco exterior was designed by Maizie Krebs for Captain Joe Streckfus in 1933.

The young Krebs was a fashion illustrator for the St.

Louis department store Famous-Barr, and neither she nor Streckfus originally took the design seriously, but she would also design another vessel for Streckfus, SS President, in 1934.

From 1938 to 1940 Steamers Service Company rebuilt for more than $1,000,000 a ship with five decks, two of which were air-conditioned, an unheard-of luxury.

Her steel hull was divided into 74 compartments, of which up to 11 could be flooded with the ship still remaining afloat.

The new steel framework was designed and fabricated by Banner Iron Works.