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Integrations, Tools, and Resources Unique Employee Recognition Examples Now that you have the tools you need to build a culture of appreciation, it's time get started.

Types of Employee Recognition and Rewards How Do I Build A Successful Recognition Program?

It's not always easy to come up with creative ways to recognize and reward your teammates for their great work, so we put together a list of unique examples from some of our favorite companies across the globe.

Just like the people and contributions they're celebrating, these recognition techniques are unique.

Most of these examples are not complete strategies in themselves -- they're part of a larger strategy incorporating the key elements of effective employee recognition: frequency, timeliness, specificity, and visibility.

Celebrating Success Together Being a semi-remote team, every year we gather somewhere in the world to network, celebrate our milestones, brainstorm ideas and just to unwind and have fun together.

Thanks to the exceptional generosity of our co-founders, this year we were lucky to travel to Maldives for our annual retreat.

Hopeful Awards We kicked off the retreat with the Hopeful Awards.

Hopeful is an acronym of our company values that stem from who we are and guide us in regards to who we bring into our team and how we collaborate with each other and our partners.

Those values are an integral part of our Bonusly reward system where we give each other points that recognize someone's leadership skills, helpful attitude or teamwork, all accompanied by hashtags such as #helpful #leadership #thoughtful.

Unique Rewards Before the retreat we summed up all the highest scoring hashtags based on Bonusly points and during Hopeful Awards Ceremony, we gave out gifts.

Winners received a special edition of t-shirts with the HOPEFUL acronym, unique certificates and hand-illustrated avatars like the above, illustrated by See Mei Chow and Mok Ee Lin.