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Under the Romanian Gambling legislation all affiliates are obliged to obtain a 2nd Class license (which is to be issued by the NGO) for the services provided to gambling operators in Romania.

Please note that if you fail to obtain the 2nd class license issued by the NGO, you will not be able to continue providing your services to 888 ROMANIA LIMITED nor to receive any payment from 888 ROMANIA LIMITED.

Learn more In light of changes to the EU "place of supply" rules with effect from January 1st, 2015, Value Added Tax (VAT) may be payable on 888's offerings under local legislation in certain EU countries.

More info To report misconduct by any of our affiliates please contact us.

Learn more about our Ethical Marketing Practice Policy.

888affiliates is an integral part of the Uffiliates program that also promotes the exclusive brands owned by Dragonfish.

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