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Foreplay isn't just one of the stepping stones to sex, it's absolutely necessary for good sex.

In fact, once you stop thinking of sex as this linear activity, you open yourself up for a world of foreplay-heavy activity that might even be better than sex. As Lori Buckley, Ph D, and a sex therapist in Pasadena, California points out, "When you touch each other in a familiar way every time, your body becomes desensitized and it won't feel as arousing." Thankfully, there are a few things to keep in mind to keep foreplay as hot as possible.

Back of the neck and shoulders Continuing down from the scalp to the nape of the neck brings us to the back of the neck and shoulders.

Pailet says that lightly tickling this area can prove extra sensitive. D, and sexologist in Texas, says that your hands are also a very important body part to focus on during foreplay.

If you and your partner are up for it, some light nibbles or love bites can also help ramp up arousal. "Our hands have the same amount of nerve endings as our genitals," she adds.

She suggests closing your partner's eyes and taking your partner's hands and slowly guiding them to brush your face with their fingertips, down over your neck, your shoulders, your breasts, and to any other sensitive spots.

Use touch to show them exactly how you like to be touched.

The pubic bone According to Genevieve Duarte, a tantric massage expert at White Lotus East in New York City, the start to a truly arousing tantric massage lies with stimulating the surrounding areas of your partner's body before going straight for the genitals and orgasm.

Duarte previously explained gently massaging the pubic bone can unlock lots of erotic potential.

If you're ready to work in more erogenous zone stimulation, you can go for lightly massaging the perineum — the area between the penis and butt hole — with a couple fingers. The ultra-sensitive border around the lips The buccal nerve, which surrounds the edges of the mouth, has untapped potential to stimulate when you're kissing."This area is extremely sensitive to touch, but it’s often overlooked since most people focus on the plump part of the lips," says clinical sexologist Rachael Ross, MD, Ph D.

Duarte suggests holding his penis upward against his body in place while you try this one. If you try lightly tracing the tip of your finger around the edges of your mouth (like you’re putting on lip liner), you’ll experience a tingly, almost ticklish feeling.

When you’re making out, you don’t need to lick around his entire mouth to get the benefits — that would be weird.