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We are currently packing up our entire house in anticipation of our move!

I keep coming across so many projects I want to make while I should be packing.

One such project is a printed panel for a fabric book.

So this week I used that panel and some scraps of fusible fleece to whip up a cute fabric book.

Back in October I made a vest from a printed panel and it reminded me how much I love panel projects!

The fabric panels come preprinted with all the details and instructions needed for an entire project including the seam allowances.

I’ve seen panels for projects ranging from vests to aprons and books to tree skirts.

In the case of a fabric book the creator does have to supply a batting or interfacing to give the pages their batting.

I did not have enough of a flat batting or medium weight interfacing that the instructions called for, so I used fusible fleece (like THIS).

I use fusible fleece for a lot of projects, so I end up with a lot of leftover cuts and pieces that were perfect for this book.

I also decided to double up on the amount of fusible fleece so my book ended up thicker and plusher. It will be fun to incorporate later on in our homeschool lessons. My oldest just turned 4 so we haven’t officially started schooling, but we already do a lot of games and activities that incorporate numbers, letters, and etc.

In my video I show step by step how to sew a fabric book together. I recently picked up a ton of new homeschool activities and supplies, you can watch the haul HERE!