2 win

2 Win Residency, Ladies Hostel was exclusively for women with the motive of offering Safety, Care, and Service to the Students and Working Women.

So the parents are satisfied with the maximum hospitality services and provider at 2win hostel. 2Win Residency hostel has various housing plans that will fit your needs like Single, Two-sharing, Three-sharing Four-Sharing and Five-sharing for a reasonable price in comparison to other Hostels in Coimbatore with incredible features.

Her Service as a Ladies "Senior Foreman" in a company enables her in running of the 2win hostel successfully. Sc(CS & HM), MBA., who both worked abroad in the USA for the past 13 yrs in various cruise line ships and took supervisory(Asst. They have taken full incharge of 2Win Residency Hostel.

Ed (Retd Headmistress) who has rich experience with her contacts with the students in the field of all since she served for more than three decades.

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