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After nearly 48 hours of downtime and a replaced Power Distribution Unit, The Pirate Bay is back in business.

The last two days have been one of the longest downtime episodes since the site was raided in 2006, and its effects have been felt elsewhere on the Internet. By itself the downtime isn’t really news as it happens every other week, but this time it took longer than expected to return.

The Pirate Bay was quick to inform Torrent Freak that they were dealing with a broken Power Distribution Unit (PDU) which had to be replaced on-site.

The part in question arrived at the datacenter yesterday and has been installed today.

Considering the nature of the site The Pirate Bay prefers that these issues are handled by people they know rather than a random employee of the hosting facility.

That the site was unreachable for a while is unfortunate, but necessary.

The prolonged downtime didn’t go unnoticed by the rest of the Internet.